New Twisted Hairstyles

twisted summer hairstyles

On one of the latest fashion shows hair gurus represented several creative examples of twisted hairstyles that looked so gorgeous with designer pieces. Those twisted hairstyles were soon included in the list of 2017 summer hair trends and I guess

Passionate Red Hair

Pretty girl

Are you still stuck in casual and boring image? Get ready to kiss goodbye to winter and meet spring with brand new hair color. There are numerous hair colors that I would like to show you but for now I

2017 Punk Hair Colors


The lovers of alternative hairstyles like punk, emo, Goth and scene girl styles should think not only about proper haircut but hair color as well. As all these styles are quite bold and nontraditional we will talk about only innovative

Wedding Hairstyles

Kate-Middleton-Wedding-Hair (1)

We have so many times talked about wedding images and the best bridal hairstyles but none of them was so popular as Kate Middleton’s image. Though she already has a baby, her bridal image still inspires millions of women. I am

Black Women Hairstyles 2017


Black women are gorgeous. Their unique beauty and sexuality is not compatible and many African American celebrities have already become trendsetters in fashion. If you like their style I want to show you selection of black women hairstyles 2017 that

2017 Summer Hair Highlights


Summer is bright and hot and the best thing you can do for summer is to go for multi tonal hair color that will make your summer days more joyful with lots of exciting moments. Monotony is not the answer

Celebrity Hair Accessories


We have so many times turned to celebrities for inspiration because they wear all the hottest dresses, the most unique styles of accessories and hairstyles. You have not once copied celebrity hairstyles but now I want to show you selection

Dealing with Dry Hair


Smooth and silky hair is a dream of every girl and I believe you too do your best to keep hair in flawless condition. Still, today when air is extremely polluted it is simply impossible to have natural healthy hair

Purple Hair Colors


New season hair colors are really crazy and bright. Alongside with natural and subtle tones hair colorists offer whole range of nontraditional shades for alternative image. This palette includes dazzling shades like bloody red, orange, pink, blue, yellow, green, lilac,

Summer 2017 Short Haircuts


Summer is near and it is high time to think of your new image. Let’s get wild with brand new short haircut that will completely sweep the monotony of your hairstyle and turn you into a real seductress. I advise