2017 Formal Up-do Hairstyles


Your formal image starts with shoes and ends up with hairstyle and every detail should be in harmony with each other. Surely you can pick something in a hurry but if you really want to stay in the limelight your

Unique Hairstyles


We live in the era when it is pretty hard to admire or astonish anyone with something really unique. Luckily we still have people with infinite imagination who try to make our life more interesting. It is a global topic

2017 Modern Bob Haircuts


New bob haircuts are stunning and if you are a fan of classy bob hairstyles I have prepared for you new dose of inspiration. I have put together mostly blunt bob haircuts and they are really bold so if you

Styling Ideas for Long Hair


Spring has already brought so much joy but you can make it even brighter by getting new image. There are so many ways to change your look; it can be new haircut, hair color or new way of styling hair.

Curly Hairstyles 2017


I love wavy hair and I really appreciate it more than straight hair. Both messy and vintage wavy hairstyles are trendy for 2017 spring and summer so let’s consider both styles separately as well as several wavy up-do hairstyles that are suitable for more

Party Hairstyles


Party is coming! But wait, you haven’t chosen hairstyle yet. Don’t worry I have several really special hairstyles that will make you look show stopping so leave everything you were doing and concentrate on those party hairstyles. Both loose and up-do

Men’s Hairstyles 2017


We have so many times talked about newest hairstyles for women but I have totally forgotten about men’s hairstyles. I have looked through the latest fashion shows and red carpet events and I found several really stylish and inspirational images

Light vs Dark: Which Color is Best


Never-ending battle of light and dark colors will never have a winner and this is great because we can still enjoy wonderful parade of dazzling hair colors and experiment with both of them (at least if you are ready for

Girls Best Hairstyles


Women and girls pay special attention to hair and they are ready to spend much money to get desired look. I mean they are really ready to do everything but this temptation sometimes takes them too far. Women more often

2017 Red Hair Colors


Women spend so much time and money to have show-stopping look and the aim is men’s attention (if you have thought to dispute my point of view please just be honest to yourself). There are so many ways and tricks