Hairstyles and Hair Myths


We love our hair but we do so many mistakes when styling or when choosing new image. Every time we repeat one and the same mistake without changing anything. It is time for changes and for the beginning find out the most common myths about haircuts and hair styling.

Everyone can say for sure that short haircut is not suitable for plus size woman. Well actually this statement can already be considered as a myth. There are so many stylish short haircuts that will be suitable for plus size women with round face. If you have dreamt of wearing fashionable short hair you can be sure that will not make a mistake. 

Another hair myth is about bang. No one can deny that massive bang is more suitable for large forehead but it doesn’t mean that you should stay away from bang hairstyle if you have narrow forehead. There are several tricks that will help you to create proportionate face shape. For instance, if you have short hair you can complete it with short choppy bang while long hairstyle can be completed with side swept layered bang.

The choice of hair color is as important as hairstyle and surely there are a lot of myths me know. Capricious red hair is not for everyone; this is the statement that is completely wrong. From wide palette of red shades you will surely find the one that will be a perfect match to your complexion. You can at least go for red highlights to spice up your natural hair.


If you are trimming hair once a month and you are still hoping that your hair will grow faster I will have to disappoint you. This is a myth. Trimming is right especially if you have damaged hair with split ends; it will make hair look fresh and healthy and nothing more.