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Hairstyles and Hair Myths


We love our hair but we do so many mistakes when styling or when choosing new image. Every time we repeat one and the same mistake without changing anything. It is time for changes and for the beginning find out

Thick Hair: How tos


Natural thick hair is blessing but, alas not everyone has thick hair. There are million reasons and factors that can cause different dysfunctions and scalp deceases and as a result they bring to hair loss. You can easily avoid some

Dealing with Dry Hair


Smooth and silky hair is a dream of every girl and I believe you too do your best to keep hair in flawless condition. Still, today when air is extremely polluted it is simply impossible to have natural healthy hair

Hair Coloring Mistakes

Hair Coloring Mistakes

Women often change hair color because this is the best way to upgrade image especially if one doesn’t want to chop long hair. Today you can find million coloring products both cheap and expensive professional ones and the only thing

Pros & Cons of Hair Coloring

Pros  Cons of Hair Coloring

Girls know all the secret weapons of attractivness. It can be new perfume, designer accessory, high heel shoes, new haircut and of course hair color. Unlike all other tricks haircut and hair color is a serious step; I mean you

Backstage Beauty

Backstage Beauty

Fashion shows are all about glamour and sophistication. They capture the attention of millions because the most popular designers and brands represent new season collections. Sexy beauty bunnies rock the catwalk with luxurious dresses and accessories. Besides of designer pieces

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